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Liberalisation of energy market combined with growing energy demand has led to an exponential growth in the number of embedded power plants. Unlike grids made up of large power plants, grids made of many smaller grids tend to be unstable. To minimise the impact of the unstable grids on the consumer, transmission and distribution system operators worldwide are coming up regulations – Grid Codes that… Learn More

There is a need for very large wind turbines in order to meet the increasing demands from renewable energy sources. A directly coupled synchronous generator with a variable transmission is one of the options for very large wind turbines. This wind turbine topology benefits from harmonic free, transformer free, better fault current contribution and greater reliability. However, there are challenges associated with the topology, such… Learn More

Cummins Generator Technologies has developed an electrical motor generator for hybrid electric vehicle applications. The machine architecture, power range and dimensions are optimised for a range of commercial vehicles, in addition to consumer marine and power generation applications. A critical requirement is ease of integration to the engine and transmission drive-line of a commercial vehicle power train; the machine needs to be relatively short to provide minimal… Learn More

A significant shift in environmental policies and energy deregulation in the last decade has led to the growth of renewable energy sources. Led by the development of wind farms throughout Europe, changes to ‘Grid Codes’ have been implemented requiring embedded generation schemes to stay connected during the presence of system faults (Fault Ride Through requirements). This is contrary to the traditional approach, whereby the… Learn More

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