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New prime power alternator brochure now available

by , October 15, 2015

‘Alternators for Prime Power Applications’ is a new brochure from Cummins Generator Technologies, detailing how STAMFORD | AvK alternators are designed to provide superior efficiencies in a variety of prime power installations. Whether for base load supply power, island mode operation, grid code compliance, combined heat and power or peak shaving on-site power generation, we have… Learn More

Cummins powers electric motorbike European championship

by , October 14, 2015

On a sunny Sunday in September at the Cadwell Park Racing Circuit in the UK, Cummins Generator Technologies supplied power to energy-hungry electric motorbikes competing in Round 3 of the European Championship of the Electric Motor Bike and Super Bike series, known as MotoE. Cummins supported all five teams with a generator set that delivered power for… Learn More

Critical parameters of a synchronous alternator for a grid code compliant generating set

by , May 24, 2014

Liberalisation of energy market combined with growing energy demand has led to an exponential growth in the number of embedded power plants. Unlike grids made up of large power plants, grids made of many smaller grids tend to be unstable. To minimise the impact of the unstable grids on the consumer, transmission and distribution system operators worldwide are coming up regulations – Grid Codes that… Learn More

STAMFORD specified for new biogas fuelled CHP plant

by , March 11, 2014

A local consortium of farmers required four generating sets for a brand new biogas power plant in northern Germany. SCHNELL was responsible for the design and installation, and specified four industrial STAMFORD HC4 alternators, rated at 350 kVA each.

Learn More

Benefits and challenges of a grid coupled wound rotor synchronous generator in a wind turbine application

by , November 13, 2013

There is a need for very large wind turbines in order to meet the increasing demands from renewable energy sources. A directly coupled synchronous generator with a variable transmission is one of the options for very large wind turbines. This wind turbine topology benefits from harmonic free, transformer free, better fault current contribution and greater reliability. However, there are challenges associated with the topology, such… Learn More

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